Andrew Logan art exhibition to grace Powysland Museum


 ”The Magic of Andrew Logan”

New temporary exhibition at Powysland Museum in Welshpool

Until 6th of March 2018

The Christmas glitter and sparkle may now be gone, but there is still a magical and enchanting atmosphere at Powysland Museum, where we are honoured and privileged to host an incredible exhibition of the works of artist Andrew Logan.

In the 1970s Andrew Logan became a key figure on the London art scene alongside David Hockney and Vivienne Westwood. He hosted such legendary and influential events as the Alternative Miss World and the Valentine’s Day Ball when the Sex Pistols played their first gig. It was in the 70s that radical icons such as Julie Christie, Mike Oldfield, Eric Clapton and Robert Plant made their retreat in the Welsh Marches.

Andrew Logan and partner Michael Davies visited the Marches on many occasions and in the late 1980s they decided to present Andrew’s work outside of London – in the small rural village of Berriew, just over the Welsh border. This unexpected, but pictoreque location became the nation’s first museum dedicated to a living artist. The Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture opened in 1991 with a literal fanfare and Andrew wielding huge scissors to cut the ribbon!

As curator of Powysland Museum Eva Bredsdorff has been museum mentor to the Andrew Logan Museum of Sculpture for years and has enjoyed a fruitful friendship with all at the museum. It is therefore only natural that Powysland Museum should host an exhibition of the extraordinary and magical works of this fascinating and inspirational artist hopefully inspiring visitors to visit the museum in Berriew when it is open during the summer months.

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Curator /  Curadur: Eva Bredsdorff