£2,000 Passport income supports Trail conservation projects

Income from Walkers’ Passports in 2019 and pre-sales for the 2020 season have enabled the ODA’s Conservation Fund to commit this year to supporting important  conservation projects along Offa’s Dyke Path. The £2,000 raised from the sale of Passports will help National Trail Officer Rob Dingle to buy the ground reinforcing sheets that are so vital if erosion and damage to the ancient monument is to be avoided.  Walkers will come across the sheets at the gathering points at gateway and stile boundary crossings where wear and tear, known as ‘pinch points’, typically occurs.

Proactive measure such as this go beyond what Rob’s budget would otherwise  have been able to afford. When we launched the Passport in May 2019 we pledged that income from sales would directly promote the conservation of the Dyke and therefore the well being of the National Trail.  We encourage walkers in 2020 to buy the Passport and thereby help us to  support yet more conservation projects.

The photo shows the outside ‘stamping station’ at the Offa’s Dyke Centre in Knighton. The  2020 season runs between 1st May  and 31st October.