English Heritage Podcast – Walking Offa’s Dyke with Prof Keith Ray

Prof Keith Ray, curator of our Offa’s Dyke interpretive exhibition, talks to English Heritage’s Charles Rowe about King Offa, the Saxon kingdom of Mercia and the archaeological earthwork Offa’s Dyke. Walking along a section of the eponymous Offa’s Dyke Path in Gloucestershire, where the Trail is coincident with the monument, Keith explains some of the challenges associated with managing visitors in a sensitive archaeological landscape. He also discusses the important role played by the Offa’s Dyke Association in influencing long distance walkers towards walking the Trail during drier months of the year when there is less risk of erosion and damage to the Dyke.  Listen to the podcast: https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/EHE9742327131?selected=EHE6080520973

The photo was taken in March 2023 during Keith’s Offa’s Dyke, Encounters and Explanations project, an epic 23 day, 209 mile walk along the entire length of Offa’s Dyke. Also visit @digitalself4 on X (formerly Twitter) to for his daily VLOGs broadcast along the journey.