FREE TALK – The Offa’s Dyke Association, it’s history and relevance to the borders today @ Offa's Dyke Centre (W3W walled.unity.apart)
Aug 19 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Find out from ODA Chair Dave McGlade how and why the Offa’s Dyke Association came into being and how in the 1960s it campaigned and influenced the government of the day to establish the National Trail on the ground.  The decision more than half a century ago to locate the path on the crest of Offa’s Dyke soon compromised the integrity of the earthwork monument, resulting in erosion and damage, something that the ODA wants to see rectified. Dave will explain how the Offa’s Dyke Conservation Project, sponsored by Cadw, Historic England, Shropshire County Council and the ODA, is a generation-long project to turn back the tide of ‘benign neglect’ that has afflicted the Dyke. Drawing on his background as the former Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail Officer he will demonstrate exemplars of archaeological site management from elsewhere in the UK to show just what can be achieved with the right policies, resources and above all else commitment to the protection of our landscape heritage. Finally, does the ODA have a role to play to help ensure the long-term sustainable management and use of Dyke?