NEW REVISED Offa’s Dyke Path Seasonal Passport



Newly revised, the seasonal Passport is a way for long distance users of the National Trail to engage with the conservation of Offa’s Dyke. Sales of the Passport support our Conservation Fund for the monument. The season each year is between Easter and October.

The Passport is seasonal so as to encourage long-distance walkers to access the National Trail and Offa’s Dyke each year during the spring, summer and the first part of autumn. This is the time of year when the monument’s soils are normally drier and there is less risk of erosion and damage to the earthworks. There still remain sections of Trail on the upstanding Dyke, in places on its crest. so the Passport’s seasonality is designed to help minimise damage that might otherwise be caused during the wet winter months.

(The Offa’s Dyke Passport is identical to the scheme operating on Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail which also follows an archaeologically sensitive linear monument).


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